Our InftyDedup presented at USENIX FAST ’23

USENIX FAST is arguably the most prestigious peer-reviewed scientific conference on computer storage, organized annually in the United States. In 9LivesData, we are deeply submerged in storage research; therefore, we not only attend USENIX FAST every year but also publish our research there once in a while.

This year, our novel cloud tiering technique InftyDedup was accepted. In InftyDedup, we leverage public cloud features such as on-demand computing to efficiently move backups from a system with deduplication to cloud storage which does not offer such a data reduction technique.

We presented InftyDedup on February 21st in Santa Clara, CA. The video, as well as the full paper, are available at the USENIX FAST website: https://www.usenix.org/conference/fast23/presentation/kotlarska

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