Predictive Analytics Automation Technology


The product

From NEC’s press release about the product: “Predictive Analytics Automation Technology (…) automates the series of processes for predictive analysis, from the extraction and design of a data item (a feature that are effective for analysis, to the creation of the most suitable predictive model. As a result, even if an individual lacks advanced data analysis skill, it is possible to perform predictive analysis in a short time that is equal to or better than the accuracy of a well-trained data scientist.

The client


Our teams at 9LivesData are developing this product for our long-term client: NEC Coporation, for whom we’ve also developed the core technologies that power HYDRAstor. On this project we’re working closely with the NEC Data Science Laboratory in Sillicon Valley.

The teams


Three teams at 9LivesData are working closely together to bring the Predictive Analytics Automation Technology to market. Together they cover all layers of the product: from the user interface, through the cloud-enabled deployment platform to the core algorithms written in Scala and running on Apache Spark.

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