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9LivesData was created to productize the cutting-edge storage research done by Cezary Dubnicki and his team at NEC Labs in Princeton, NJ. That research resulted in the HYDRAstor product, used currently by thousands of enterprise customers world-wide.

In recent years we started a new project to create a high-performance, high-reliability solution based on machine learning research of Ryohei Fujimaki, the youngest ever Research Fellow at NEC’s Data Science Research Laboratories.

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Storage systems
deduplication, custom fs, object storage, cloud, virtualization
With hundreds of man-years of storage software experience, we can be a valuable partner for any storage-related startup or enterprise.
Highly-scalable resilient backends
scale-out, high-availability, high-performance
The NEC HYDRAstor backend we created is the most scalable and delivers the highest performance in the world among backup storage systems.
Big data frameworks and algorithms
scala, spark, feature factory, expert trees
Many of our consultants hold graduate degrees in both CS and Math allowing us to deliver optimized solutions to challenging data analysis and machine learning problems.
From research to product
prototyping, evaluation, performance, patents
We cover both ends of the research-technology spectrum. We transformed cutting-edge research
to market-leading products multiple times.
Best. Team. Ever.

The success of our clients is created by over 75 high-skill software engineers with multiple PhDs among them

To cope with the massive complexity required to solve the hardest problems we were early adopters of disciplined engineering practices like automated testing and we have developed the tooling to support them long before they became a widely accepted standard.

We have multiple patents and scientific publications under our belt as well as several computer science PhDs. We not only read about science. We create it.

We believe that you can go fast if you go alone but to go far you must go together. That’s why we put a high emphasis on collaborative design, pair programming and code review. We also consider our customers a part of the team and work with them closely to make sure we’re always working on the things they care about most.

We work hard to understand the business context of your products and prioritize our work for the highest possible impact.

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Hiroaki Mizumachi
"9LivesData and NEC have maintained long partnership through HYDRAstor technology development. Their incredibly high skills often helped our products making breakthrough."
Hiroaki Mizumachi

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