The fastest backup deduplication appliance in the world (according to an independent analyst and backup guru W. Curtis Preston).
The primary client of 9LivesData so far is NEC, the biggest IT company in Japan. The 9LivesData team designs and implements for NEC the back-end of the HYDRAstor grid storage backup system.The history of this engagement pre-dates founding of 9LivesData in January 2008 and goes back to the late 2002, when the HYDRA project was started by the 9LivesData founder, Cezary Dubnicki, then a Department Head at NEC Research in Princeton, NJ. Almost all developers of the back-end then are now consultants at 9LivesData. The cooperation with NEC is stable and satisfying to both sides, with long list of features on the backlog, therefore it is expected to continue for many years to come.The HYDRAstor is a novel distributed disk-based scalable backup system for enterprise, providing unique features like global deduplication, self-management and self-tuning, and non-stop operation with non-disruptive upgrades and failure tolerance.
On 3rd of November, 2015, NEC announced availability of 5th generation of HYDRAstor. Please see the overview of the new generation. Here is more information on HS8-5000 from NEC Corporation of America.Following areas of research apply to this project:

  • distributed programming,
  • distributed hashtable,
  • content addressable storage,
  • duplicate elimination,
  • consensus algorithms,
  • distributed garbage collection,
  • asynchronous IO,
  • journaling,
  • log structured filesystems,
  • erasure codes,
  • automated testing,
  • Linux OS.

Sales in Poland are handled by 9LivesData

Market awards

  • The Best of Interop in storage (INTEROP Awards 2015, Las Vegas – USA)
  • Best Storage Solution Product Award Winner (2014 Hot Companies and Best Products Awards by Network Products Guide)
  • Best in class (including three first places) in the guide of backup solutions for middle size customers (DCIG 2013)
  • Most scalable and fastest system with deduplication in the word (2010 – Curtis W. Preston, an independent market analyst)
  • Product Innovation Award Winner (2008 – Network Products Guide)
  • Product of the Year in the category “Backup and Disaster Recovery Hardware” (2007 – Storage Magazine and
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